Punishing: Gray Raven Wiki

Overclocking is the act of increasing the level limit on your character's memories or weapons. Overclocking can only be achieved after fully enhancing the the character's memory or weapon to the level limit, when this is done, a notification will appear on your screen, announcing the ability to activate overclock. Futhermore, the enhancing screen changes to an overclocking screen, showing a variety of infomation.

Stat Increase:

For weapons

  • ATK Growth Increase Per Level

  • CRIT Growth Increase Per Level


  • HP Growth Increase Per Level

  • CRIT Growth Increase Per Level


  • ATK Growth Increase Per Level

  • DEF Growth Increase Per Level

    4 star weapon and character memories can only be overclocked 3 times, while 5 and 6 star's can be overclocked 4 times.


Resonatting is the act of using duplicate weapons or memories to strengthen said item. Weapons and memories under 4 star cannot be resonated, and unlike the weapon who can be resonated 3 times, memories can only be resonated 2 times. Apart from using duplicate memories, resonating can also happen through the use of memory resonance material. The slot of the memory does not matter when resonating.

Resonance 101:

  • Requires 1 Memory of the same name per slot for resonance and reroll attempt (any number can do)
  • 2 Resonance slot per memory
  • 6* Resonated effect will be locked to the selected character, but the memory can still be shared
  • 5* Resonated effect will not be locked to any character

How to Resonate a Memory

  1. Get the same piece of the memory you want to resonate
  2. Go to the section of resonation
  3. AFFIX 1.png

  4. Click on the "+" button
  5. after clicking on the "+" button, click on the next "+" button shown on the image below
  6. AFFIX 2.png
  7. Select the memory you want to use to resonate the memory

Resonance List

6* Memory Resonance Effects

  • (HP+75, ATK+15)
  • (HP+75, CRIT+15)
  • (ATK+15, DEF+23)
  • (ATK+15, CRIT+15)
  • Red Orb Level +1
  • Yellow Orb Level +1
  • Blue Orb Level +1
  • Red Orb Level +1
  • Basic Attack Level +1
  • Signature Move Level +1
  • QTE Level +1
  • Core Passive Level +1

5* Memory Resonance Effects

  • (HP+50, ATK+10)
  • (HP+50, CRIT+10)
  • (ATK+10, DEF+15)
  • (ATK+10, CRIT+10)

6* Weapon Resonance Effects

  • Incandescence : Weapon final ATK increased by 15% at the start of battle. No duration limit.
  • Dead Point Countdown: Gain 1 additional Signal Orb at the start of the battle, and 3 identical skill orbs every 45s.

5* Weapon Resonance Effects