Punishing: Gray Raven Wiki
Punishing: Gray Raven Wiki

Behind the strength of Liv’s heart is a simple dream, and such purity is why this frame is so powerful.


  • Heal - Has ally healing skills.
  • Members Damage reduction - Signature Move can reduce the damage taken by allies.


Repelling Beams

Fires a beam at the target location, dealing 200% / 400% / 600% Physical DMG based on the number of orbs pinged, reducing Movement Speed by 20% for 3 seconds, and reducing Extra DMG Bonus by 5% for seconds.

Transferring Recharge

Enhances the weapon and increases the hit count of Basic Attacks. Based on the number of orbs pinged, deals 30% / 40% / 50% Physical DMG per hit up to 16/20/32 times for 2.5/3.5/5 seconds.

Gray Raven Field

Deploys a particle array at the target location, marking all enemies within. The array lasts 3/6/9 seconds, dealing 100% / 200% / 300% Physical DMG based on the number of orbs pinged and dragging the targets in range once per second.

Adaptive Ray

Basic Attack: Launches an energy attack, dealing 520% Physical DMG in total.

Arcadia Gate

Signature Move: Costs 100 Energy. Deploys a wide-ranged energy field and uses Light Penalty that deals 150% Physical DMG at random enemies in the area. Physical DMG Resistance of party members in the area increases by 75%.

Heroic Dance

QTE: Liv heals nearby allies for 100% of her Attack. Grants allies a shield equal to 100% of her Attack for 2 seconds.


Healing amount increases by 20%.

Passive - Awakening.png

Ultima Awaken

Gains 3 Signal Orbs when entering battle.

Goddess Connection System

Core Passive: Has a 20% chance to trigger Light Penalty that deals 150% Physical DMG when hitting a marked enemy. After a 3-Ping or triggering Light Penalty 5 times, heals allies for 60% of Liv’s Attack.

Leader - Devoted Heart

HP of all party members increases by 15%.

Field Reinforcement

Passive: Extra DMG Bonus against enemies in Gray Raven Field increases by 15%.

Pioneer of Glory

Passive: Extra DMG Bonus of Light Penalty increases by 50%.

Consciousness Encouragement

Passive: After using a Signature Move, Extra DMG of all party members increases by 15% for 5 seconds.

Recommended Gear

Roles Weapons Memories Affixed Skills
DPS 80x80px Patton left small.png4x Darwin right small.png2x Slot 1:IconSkillEquipShuxingJingzhungongji.png

Slot 2:R3lifuhexin1.png[核心被动] +1]

Healer Support 80x80px4x Richelieu right small.png2x


  • On 25 August 2021, Ai Kayano's voice lines were removed from the CN version of PGR due to controversy
    • According to the Global branch team on 26 August 2021, Ai Kayano's voice will be removed on all servers

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